Job Vacancies In Promasidor

Job Vacancies In Promasidor

About Promasidor

Promasidor was founded in 1979 by Robert Rose, who left the United Kingdom in 1957 for Zimbabwe to pursue his African dream. As Chairman of Allied Lyons Africa for over 20 years, he traveled extensively across Africa and gained a unique and thorough knowledge of the food industry throughout the continent. In particular, he noticed a lack of availability of the one highly nutritious product that the developed world takes for granted – milk. He realized that with technology in the manufacture of milk powders advancing rapidly, Promasidor began selling the Cowbell brand in the Democratic Republic of Congo (then Zaire) in 1979. Today Cowbell is sold in the majority of countries across the African continent.

Below Are The List Of Vacancies In Promasidor, And Their Requirements.

Officer – Production Operative – 

Job Objective:

  • Responsible for safe and efficient operations and maintenance of assigned equipment and turning out the required quantity and quality of products within the defined duration.
    Key Responsibilities
  • The technical operators must be able to operate machines to ensure that daily/shift production targets are met with minimal wastage and optimal output.
  • Calibration of equipment and monitoring of gauges and benchmarking with standards.
  • Attend to the machine’s functionalities to correctly produce the desired results.
  • When something doesn’t sound, act, or seem right, investigate and make adjustments.
  • Set up and adhere to cleaning and maintenance schedules of machines to prevent failures.
  • Carries out CLARET – Cleaning, Lubrication, Adjustment, Inspection, Repairs, Eliminations, and Tightening on machines components at scheduled intervals and documents appropriately.
  • Responsible for initial root cause analysis step by proper definition of problems using 5W 2H – Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, and How much.
  • Participates in Shop-floor STPD – See Think Plan and Do.
  • Measures, converts, records, and interprets data for use by engineering personnel and management further interventions.
  • He must comply with all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), One Point Lessons (OPL), Work Instructions (WI), Checklist, and Manuals.
  • Inspect Finished Products:
  • Responsible for Quality control by examining the output from the machines/processes and benchmarking against standards before realizing the end of the line.
  • If defects are noticed, the technical operator must figure out where the error is occurring and correct it so that future batches come out right.
  • The technical operator must abide by the waste management procedures in place to manage waste and rework generated on the shop floor.
  • Inspect materials (PM & RM) to detect defects on time, find the source of the defect, and correct and replace the material.

    Understand Deadlines

  • The technical operator is responsible for the output goals of his equipment. He is to ensure sufficient quantity is produced to meet delivery obligations.
  • He takes full responsibility for all downtimes and minor stoppages on the equipment assigned.

    Report to Leaders:

  • The technical operator is to present to his supervisor real-time reports of activities in his shift.
  • Escalation procedure should be strictly followed to inform managers when they notice anything that might be affecting line output now or in the future.
  • The technical operator must fill out all notification forms (Maintenance and Near miss) of malfunctions, defects, failures, or incidents on the shop floor for concerned persons to take up and act on it.
  • The technical operator must document appropriately the required data and information about the machines on PNG ERP (MAMA).

Maintain a Safe and Neat Environment:

  • Technical Operator is fully responsible to abide by workplace safety policy, rules, regulations governmental guidelines to reduce the chance of injury to self, others and assets.
  • He must be fully compliant with the use PPEs assigned and defined for his workplace.
  • He must abide by all environmental policies of the organization and report any non-compliance to the HSE department.

GMP, GHK, and 5S:

  • He is responsible for the cleaning up to maintain and sustain the (GHK & 5S) of their workplace and assigned areas.
  • He is responsible for personal hygiene by maintaining personal hygiene in compliance with company standards.
  • He should comply with and monitor all HACCP and food safety rules and regulations of the organization.


  • The technical operator should possess a willingness and right attitude to be trained on (AM) new equipment or techniques to remain relevant and increase their value to the organization.
  • The technical operator may be assigned to get new hires up to speed. He may be assigned as a mentor to new hires and must be able to explain things thoroughly and monitor the progress carefully.
  • Proficiency in Mechanical and Electrical, Mechatronics Engineering Techniques.
  • Understanding of GMP and HACCP.

Understanding of Health, Safety, and Environment.

Personal Attributes:

  • Ability to work well with Supervision.
  • Diligent and enthusiastic
  • Able and willing to follow laid down procedures.
  • Energetic
  • Good level of concentration.
  • Must possess team spirit.
  • Work Environment and Physical Demands


  • Minimum of Trade Test II / III or an OND in Electrical / Mechanical Engineering, Workshop craft, or Mechatronics HND is an added advantage.
  • National Diploma or Higher National Diploma in Electrical, Mechatronics or Mechanical Engineering or related qualification and field.

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Proficiency in Mechanical and Electrical, Mechatronics Engineering Techniques.
  • Understanding of GMP and HACCP.
  • Understanding of Health, Safety, and Environment.

Note: Work is usually performed in a manufacturing environment, utilizing standard manufacturing equipment and tools.
The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate but may require ear plugs.
While performing the duties of the job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear.
The employee is frequently required to move and use his hands.
The employee is constantly required to stand, walk, and reach with hands and arms; some positions within the job description may require lifting and/or moving up to 20kg.

Information Technology Help Desk Supervisor – Job Vacancies In Promasidor

Job Objectives:

  • Ensure the timely resolution of ICT Resources users’ problems/issues/questions in a professional manner to minimize any downtime of business activities and/or optimize their use of ICT resources.
  • Support Promasidor Nigeria’s LAN/WAN and Telephony infrastructure applications (operating systems, e-mail systems, etc.) to ensure that they provide adequate support to the users, applications, and infrastructure they support.
  • Ensure that all “ICT hardware assets” within Promasidor Nigeria Limited are available, functional, installed, and used in a secure, safe, and efficient way, this includes Computer hardware (CPU, Printers, peripherals, accessories, etc.). UPS, etc.
  • Manage Promasidor Nigeria’s software assets and ensure up-to-date customization of all desktops and laptops, clients operating systems, and applications.
    Key Responsibilities
  • Depending on operational assignments which may vary with time, the job responsibilities will be a subset of the following:


  • Supervise and or carry out deployments/rollouts of computer Operating Systems [OS] and software applications ensuring that Promasidor Nigeria Clients’ Systems are all installed with up-to-date and approved OS and Applications used within the company.
  • Document and maintain up-to-date all OS and Applications installation procedures.
  • Identify, store in a database and maintain up-to-date a list of all software available and being used in the company. Identify the set of software supported for user departments and also identify new and obsolete versions.
  • Sorts, in a manner that allows quick retrieval by anyone in the department, all software assets available:
  • On the file server for the versions still in use. Coordinate this with the Servers Administrator.
  • On physical support (CD, DVD…) for the versions that are obsolete.
  • Maintain on a physical support (CD, Hard disk…) a “standard installation kit” or “disk images” for a “basic” new user with a set of the latest versions of all supported software) so that a new computer can be rapidly installed when needed.
  • Stay up-to-date about the new versions of software released or to be released in the future for the set of supported software. Regularly discuss with the Helpdesk Supervisor possibilities or needs to upgrade the users’ computers with newer versions. When forecasting an upgrade to a newer version, document the migration plan with the actions to be taken to upgrade from the existing versions to the new ones.
  • Maintain ICT hardware inventory i.e. database storing information about every ICT hardware asset being assigned to an end-user.
  • Ensure the timely repair of defective systems with the resources provided and manage the “defective systems stock” by Rebuilding new units with the combination of 2 or more defective units; dismantling defective units to use each part as a spare for repairing other (similar) equipment; trashing the systems that become really useless
  • Carry out installation, relocation, configuration, and setup of ICT Resources for and/or with their users (systems, printers, etc.).
  • Carry out periodic preventive maintenance on ICT Resources in PNG locations (mainly in Lagos but also up-country).
  • Communication (Networking, Telephony…):
  • Ensures that all Network equipment and Infrastructure are available, functional, neat, and secure at all times.
  • Documents the Promasidor Nigeria LAN/WAN (Including the Home Internet network where applicable) and maintains the documentation up-to-date.
  • Administer, Monitor, support, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems pertaining to LAN/WAN at all upcountry locations.
  • Generate, analyze, and distribute network performance statistics, and network hazardous condition reports (including proposed solutions for performance improvement).
  • Support/lead all Network installation (new or extension of the existing network) as required by the company.
  • Supervise and liaise with external contractors handling ICT installation or maintenance work at all PNG locations
  • Liaise with Service Providers (Internet, Telephone. Etc.) to ensure optimal Services.


In collaboration with the Training Coordinator, assist in training end-users on the use of ICT software and/or hardware resources.
Management Support:

  • Provide a backup role to the Helpdesk Coordinator in attending to users’ distress calls and logging them in accordingly, as well as allocating same when necessary.
  • Carries out any assigned food safety jobs by the head of the department

Carries out any other responsibilities assigned by Supervisor

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Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Electronics Engineering or any other related course.
  • 3-5 years of work experience in a similar job.
    Knowledge & Skills:
  • Broad knowledge of Information Systems (Architecture, Security…)
  • Software (Office Suite, Email…)
  • Hardware (components of a computer, general maintenance…)
  • Networking (IP address, DNS…)
  • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) and other Apple Technical certifications
    Personal Attributes.

Officer – Engineering Technician (Electromechanical)


Ensuring effective maintenance of all electrical and mechanical components.
Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure effective maintenance of all electrical and mechanical components of the factory machines.
  • Generate a daily report on all electrical and mechanical faults reported.
  • Carry out periodic & preventive maintenance on all electrical and mechanical panels and machines.
  • Ensure prompt attention to a fault and as well as quick detection and correction of technical faults.
  • Repair and maintain all coding machines for flexibles and cartons.
  • Carry out repairs on all electronic and mechanical scales.
  • Ensure proper maintenance culture, the safety of machinery and personnel, as well as good
  • Ensure that panels, tools & parts are well kept & managed at all times.
  • Ensure that the proper and standard operational procedures are strictly adhered to.
  • Ensure the proper functioning of machines, their accessories, and other factory equipment with
    minimum downtime.
  • Installation of new machines and equipment.
  • Training of production operatives.
  • Carries out any assigned food safety jobs by the head of the department.
  • Any other jobs assigned by Supervisor.

Technical skills

  • Analytical and Numeric skills
  • Tolerance for routine
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Team player
  • Attention for details


  • To plan and manage all learning activities and developmental needs with a focus on strategic alignment and assist the head of HR in maintaining the industrial relations climate of Promasidor.

Key Responsibilities / Activities

  • Develop and implement learning strategies, policies, programs, and procedures
  • Implement an e-learning strategy for Promasidor
  • Implement various learning initiatives companywide (coaching, Job shadowing, etc.)
  • Prepare an annual training plan for Promasidor based on skills gaps identified by appraisals and develop a training needs analysis
  • Responsible for the internal learning policy and tracks internal learning interventions including new employee orientation & on-boarding, departmental learning sessions, employee developmental plans, and cross-departmental training.
  • Supervise the daily activities of learning interventions when they arise.
  • Ensure the filing of all training with ITF for approvals and the ITF reimbursement process
  • Manage the training budget for PNG and ensure cost savings
  • Implement employee relations strategies to foster good employee relations within PNG
  • Monitor and advise managers in the employee disciplinary process
  • Engage with union operatives on matters arising
  • Assist with negotiations and proactively respond to requests
  • Oversee the coordination of Food Handlers Tests for employees.
  • Manage assigned 3rd party outsourcing firms to ensure effective service delivery.


  • Good Interpersonal Skills
  • Nigerianlaborlaw
  • ITF Act.

Personal Attributes:

  • Negotiating
  • Analytical
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Relationship Management
  • Decision Making.

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s Degree / HND Social Science, Law or related course or its equivalent.
At least 5 years of experience in a similar role preferably in the manufacturing industry.
How To Apply:

Eligible candidates are to visit Promasidor – LinkedIn Nigeria

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