Review – Is Videomine Legit Or Scam Review – Is Videomine Legit Or Scam

Hey guys, today I will be talking about one of the most recent platforms that have been paying people for some period of time now. I got to know this site from a friend who has benefited from the site, in different ways, he referred me to the platform, I paid some little amount and I must say that in a few days I got some referrals and I got my money back. But for the sake of today’s post, we’ll be looking at this same site if it’s Legit or Scam.

What is is legit or a scam?
Videomining registration
How do I get started? is a platform, in which you can learn and earn at the same time.
In Videomining, you can take courses of different kinds.

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Types Of Courses You Can Take On – Review

The following are the types of courses you are expected to see on the website are:

  • Forex class
  • Organics class
  • Copywriting class
  • Graphics class
  • Mini Importation
  • Web Development
  • Business Advice
  • Tips on Whatsapp tv startups
  • crypto class.
    The above-listed courses are available on the Videomine website and are very affordable.

    How Do I Get Started? – Review Review

  • To register and start making heavy money or start taking courses on this platform, you only need the following:
  • FirstName
  • Lastname
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Select Skill
  • Coupon Code (Registration payment =#2,000)
    The Firstname is your first name, Lastname is your other name or Surname if you want, Username has to be a unique name if possible a Nickname, Ensure to use a very strong password to avoid loss of cash. Email is can be any valid email, Phone No. is required to receive OTP. The MLM TEAM, Is for group poof people working as a team, while the AFFILIATE SINGLE is for individuals. The skill selection is for those interested in taking online courses. The coupon codes are being purchased from any of their affiliate marketers, and you are to pay the total sum of #2,000 (Two thousand naira) only to the affiliate marketer before he or she will give the coupon code to you. is legit or a Scam? for now is very legit, just like so many other platforms over the years, but in the near future, it might do like others.
The best time to earn money from Videomining is now that it is still very fresh, to avoid losing your money over time.

Will Videomining Crash?

I know too many people are already shaking, asking this question on google, just to know if they are going to withdraw the already invested money from the site or better not to invest at all for those who want to be part of the platform.
Videomining is definitely going to crash someday, and no one knows when exactly, so enjoy it while it lasts.

VideoMining Earning Structure

  • Registration bonus =#1,000
  • Viral video posts =#200
  • Video watching =#150
  • Every day visits =#100
  • Referral bonus #1,400 (For each referral).

Payment Structure
Earnings(Your Referral bonus), Two times weekly(Wednesdays and Sundays).
VM Points(Your daily earnings), Before it was every 25th Day of the month, But now is being paid alongside the referral bonus.

Minimum Cashout On VideoMining
For Earnings, is #1,000 and above
VM Point was #15,000 and above, but now #10,000 and above.
Note: The money reflects in your bank account within 24/hours.

Do you wish to register on Videomining? follow the link below and fill in the details required:

How to Buy Videomining Coupon code
Visit the company website and get one, use the contact us form or comment on this post.


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